Sunday, December 1, 2019

Kathie Lee and Hoda Love Their Ages

Kathie Lee Gifford asked how old and he would not flinch. Youth may still currency in show business, but Gifford 64 years, said that after four decades of his career was never embarrassed to tell people her real age.

“Long before Google, I tell the truth,” Gifford recently told, during an interview with her Today Show cohost Hoda kotb on the Web site “Love Your Age!” campaign. The duo, who led the four-hour free-form event 10: 00-11: 00 every day, to continue discussions on the air during the “Age of Love Your Sunday” The partnership with prevention which began on Monday morning.
Kotb, 53, who recently became a mother for the first time – she adopted a baby girl Haley Joy this summer and raised him with the old partner Joel Schiffman – told Prevention that new priorities have him less worried about the birthday she celebrated.

“One and a half years ago, I would say it is much more important than it does now,” said kotb. “But because Haley and Joel, the idea of ​​age does not matter much to me. I do not think things are possible at this age. I feel like if you’re happy at 53 than you were at 43 and 33 and 23, there is hope.”
For its part, Gifford, whose mother died last week, said the old motivate him to cross things off his bucket list.

“I do the math (now) for the first time in my life,” he said. “I really realize that time is precious and limited, and that I would run out of time for some of the big things I wanted to do.”
Maybe one thing will find love again? One quote from the news to come out of the interview Prevention is the recognition that, two years after her husband, Frank Gifford, has died, he can draw on a date again.

“My mother asked me that just a few days,” he recalls. “He said, ‘Are you open to love again?’ I said, ‘Mom, I’m open to whatever the Lord has for me at this point in my life.’ “
At an event Monday morning, though, after roasting types cohost, he explains  “Am I out to be a single bar No. Am I looking for a No. Am I online I do not even know how to get online ??! … It would be a miracle.”

love life aside, major changes will soon come to the Today Show lineup, as the new additions Megyn Kelly takes over a three-hour event starts next week. But Hoda and Kathie Lee will not succeed. That means you can expect a glass of wine on-set them to remain fully in the future, where they look quite bright.

“I’m excited about being a woman in today’s world,” said Gifford Prevention. “I think we finally got to us. We finally rewarded.”
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